Weather In Fiji

Weather and Climate in Fiji

With a warm tropical climate, Fiji is an ideal destination for a fun family beach holiday, idyllic couples getaway or surreal honeymoon retreat amongst some of the world's most beautiful beaches and coral reefs. On average, the weather in Fiji is 25°C. Yet throughout December to January, the weather in Fiji will often exceed 30°C and descend below 18°C during July and August.

Variations in Weather for the Fiji Islands

Fiji lies in the heart of the tropical South Pacific. In addition to the two main islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, which are replete with breathtaking beaches, magnificent and affordable hotels, resorts and motels, the Fiji Islands comprise 330 additional islands which engulf the larger islands. Generally, the smaller islands in Fiji will experience a lower rainfall than the main islands, depending on their location and size, and this must be taken into account when assessing the weather in Fiji.

Best Time To Visit Fiji

Fiji Dry Season
Ideally, the best time to visit Fiji is during the Fijian Dry season, which continues from May through October. Although this is also the Fijian Winter season, the weather in Fiji during the dry season may exceed 30°C, averaging an average temperature 28°C and generally ranging between 26-32°C with minimal rainfall. This weather is fantastic for fun resort and nature activities including swimming, kayaking and snorkeling in the tranquil beaches and coral reefs surrounding this island paradise.

Fiji Wet Season
Fiji's wet season continues from November through April, with the heaviest rainfalls occurring from December to mid April. The average temperature during the wet season, which is also the Fijian summer, is generally 2-3 of degrees hotter than the dry season. The wet season has a higher rainfall, averaging an average annual rainfall of 2000mm - 3000mm on the coast of the main islands.

Although the wet season is slightly hotter, and more humid than the dry season with a greater rainfall, the wet season does also have distinct advantages. As the wet season is the low season, there are great opportunities, for excellent deals, rates, discounts and affordable accommodation in hotels, resorts and motels. Accordingly, the wet season is a great time of year for families, couples, and honey mooners to enjoy a fun and affordable beach holiday, on one of the world's most beautiful islands at the best prices.

Cyclones and Hurricanes in Fiji

It is also relevant to note that, Fiji does experience occasional hurricanes during the wet season. However, the hurricanes and cyclones are quite rare, averaging two to three severe cyclones every ten years.

Weather Observations for Nadi, Fiji

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Avg Min/Max Temp °C 23-32 23-32 23-31 22-31 20-30 19-29 18-29 18-29 19-29 20-30 22-31 22-31
Avg Rainfall in mm 299 302 324 163 78 62 46 58 77 103 138 159
Number of Rainy Days 18 18 19 12 7 6 5 5 6 9 11 13

Weather Observations for Suva, Fiji

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Avg Min/Max Temp °C 24-31 24-31 24-31 23-30 22-28 21-28 20-27 21-27 21-27 22-28 23-29 23-30
Avg Rainfall in mm 315 288 371 390 267 164 142 159 184 234 264 263
Number of Rainy Days 23 22 23 22 20 18 18 17 27 19 19 21